Every room in a home needs proper lighting, but one of the most important rooms you should not forget is the bathroom. Once you pick the wrong bulb, you may end up ruining your makeup look for the day, make your bathroom look like those in horror movies or end up hurting yourself because there is not enough light to navigate the area safely.

Don’t let your mornings look dim! Have a well-lit bathroom and vanity area to brightly kickstart your day. At Darwin Bathroom Renovations, we want to help you dramatically enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your bathroom through optimal lighting solutions. That is why our friendly professionals will share with you some innovative tips to achieve better lighting for your bathroom. Light up your creativity and try the tips we recommend below.

Tip #1: Take advantage of the natural light.

Nothing beats the natural glory of the sun. It can instantly boot up your system and can help you start the day on a bright note. That is why if you are just building your home or renovating your bathroom, we recommend that you take advantage of the natural light. Let your bathroom face north because the natural light that comes from this direction helps create a soft and diffused light.

You can also get windows that let the light pour in. Place the windows on adjacent or opposite walls to balance the lighting in the entire bathroom. However, if you don’t want to have large windows because you are worried about your privacy, you can add bottom-up shades to ensure that you can attain the natural light you want without compromising the privacy you require.

Tip #2: Try lighting in layers.

Some might think that one overhead lamp is enough to properly light on an entire bathroom. However, if you wish to attain the best lighting for your bathroom, you can consider lighting it in three layers:

The first layer of lighting you should have is ambient lighting. This pertains to the general lighting that illuminates your bathroom. There are a lot of ambient light fixtures offered out there, but some of the most sought-after choices are flush mount on the ceiling and chandelier.

Task lighting is another layer of lighting that is essential for the bathroom. Just like the name suggests, this lighting solution can help do specific tasks in the bathroom. These are the light fixtures that will help illuminate your vanity area.

Some might disregard this layer of lighting, but it also plays a vital role in illuminating the dark corners of your bathroom. Accent lighting is an efficient addition around the tub, toilet area, cabinets, or storage bins.

Tip #3: Use LED lights.

Among the most eco-friendly choices when it comes to lighting are LED lights. They are a popular pick for many households because LEDs are convenient, cost-effective and energy-efficient. They can last longer compared to other types of light fixtures. However, when choosing LEDs for your bathroom, just make sure that they are dimmable because you may want to adjust how bright they are. Besides that, you should also consider the colour temperature you prefer. We suggest picking warm colours, but in the end, your personal preference is still the factor that will determine the colour temperature that you want for your bathroom space.

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