Whether you require a luxurious showerhead because you are having a bathroom renovation or you just want to change your current one because of some water pressure issues – choosing the right showerhead type is essential. Instead of purchasing the cheapest showerhead on your local depot, it might be best to first consider your requirements and preferences.

At Darwin Bathroom Renovations, we know that the right bathroom fixtures can significantly upscale the curb appeal and functionality of the space. For this reason, our firm offers a myriad of showerhead types that can make our client’s bathing experience more relaxing and enjoyable. From high-pressure ones, water-saving varieties or those with a range of spray settings, we can help you find the best form and finish that will complement your bathroom. Check out some of the best showerhead types we recommend and determine which one suits your specifications.

Wall-Mount Showerheads

Looking for an affordable showerhead that can work well with your bathroom renovation? One of the most cost-efficient and ergonomic showerhead types you can choose for your bathroom is a wall-mount showerhead. Compared to other showerhead types, a wall-mounted one is more affordable and easier to maintain. Since its parts are easily available on any local depots or online stores, you can conveniently purchase them. Besides that, there are multifunction varieties that will let you change the water spray pattern based on your preference.

Handheld Showerheads

If you want to have a versatile and beautiful showerhead for your bathroom, you can opt for a handheld showerhead. Compared to traditional fixed showerheads, using a handheld one is easier because you don’t have to do complicated moves and positions just to have a nice shower. You can bring the showerhead as close or as far as you want them to be. This is a great pick for those who need to bathe kids, elderlies or even pets. Moreover, you can also use your handheld showerhead to efficiently clean your tub or shower area.

Rain Showerheads

If you are dreaming to have a spa-like experience in your shower, you might want to consider having a rain showerhead. This type of showerhead combines modern aesthetics and technology, so it is a favourite pick for hotels or other commercial establishments. Since rain showerheads are larger and usually hang directly over the head of the person showering, they can help simulate the experience of bathing under the rain. This feature makes the bathing experience more relaxing and luxurious.

High-Pressure Showerheads

While others want the slow trickle of water, some people prefer a satisfying high-pressure shower to start their day. Highly pressurized showerheads can let a downpour of water so you can relax your tight and sore muscles after a long day or an extensive workout. However, it might be best to note that this type of showerhead will use more water.

Water-Saving Showerheads

With the summer season peeking in the corner and the inevitable increase in water bills, more and more residents of Darwin are scouring for ways to conserve water. If you shower twice or more in a day or have a big family, it might be best to look for a water-efficient showerhead. Through this bathroom fixture, you can minimize your water usage and save a few bucks. However, if you choose to have a water-saving showerhead, remember that most of its varieties constrict the flow of water. So if you prefer to have a high-pressure showerhead or have low water pressure at home, this might not be the best pick for you.

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